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Welcome to the Student List Project


There are now the following discussion for you to choose from:

Introductions - All students in regular university or adult classes should try this FIRST before going on to the other forums. There is a place for each class to post their messages. You will receive them from everyone else, too, until you decide to quit the Introductions forum.

For University and Adult Learners
General Chat - Any topic except the ones below
Business English
Culture & Society
Current events around the world
Learning English
For Immigrants & new residents
Living in a New Country
For Secondary School Learners
Teen Talk

New instructors, please contact the site manager for the enrollment key for the Teacher's Forum. There you will find instructions on how to use the SL Project with your students, along with with enrollment keys to the various forums for you to provide to your students.

Independent students are also welcome to enroll in the Project. Contact our manager providing your a) name, b)country & native language, c) age, and d) school or place of work.

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